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Movies, TV shows, documentaries, and kids stories. Your library is THE place to watch your new favourite content. Get started today with an internet connection and your library card.


Beamafilm has arrived, and they have thousands of titles to watch, from movies to TV shows to documentaries, there is no shortage of content to keep you entertained! Sign up today going to, or look for the "Beamafilm" app in the app store.


On Hoopla you can choose from the over 7,500 movies, or nearly 1,500 seasons of TV. And you can watch basically everywhere you have a screen - your computer, your phone, even your TV. Borrow up to 10 items per month, through the web or app. Go to or find the "hoopla" app in the app store.


Whether you're learning a new language, raising a bilingual child, or want to introduce your family to your native tongue, there are thousands of stories available to watch on LOTE4Kids. With over 65+ languages, there is heaps to keep you entertained and learning. Download the LOTE4Kids App today, or go to, enter your library card, then choose your language to begin watching.

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