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After School Clubs

This library is a place that children, tweens, and teens can visit after school to socialise with others their age, and learn something new. With our after school clubs we facilitate a safe place for young people to meet over a joined activity, whether this is a brick club, code club, or arts & crafts. Get in contact with us today if you would like us to facilitate something, or check the events page to see what is already happening in your area.

Virtual Reality

The library owns two virtual reality (VR) Oculus headsets. We often bring these out during tech programming or for school holidays. This unique experience allows the wearer to encounter something they've never seen before, or to experience something from a new perspective. Check our events page to see where the VR headset is, or phone us to find out more. We do adhere to a strict 13+ age cut-off for VR use due to heath and safety regulations given by Oculus.

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